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Get a Card


Who can get a card

Residents of Parker County ages 14+ are eligible for a free library card with

  1. driver's license or student ID,
  2. proof of current address
  3. current contact information, and
  4. signature agreeing to borrower policies.

Residents of Parker County ages 6 - 13 are also eligible for a free library card with the parent/guardian's:

  1. driver's license,
  2. proof of current address,
  3. current contact information, and
  4. signature of both the youth and their parent/guardian taking responsibility for use of the card.

A parent or guardian will need to use their own library card to borrow items for children under the age of 6.

How to Get a Card

To apply for a free card, eligible residents may either

  • fill out a short form in person, or
  • complete an application form online

Regardless of whether the form is completed in person or online, however, an applicant must come to East Parker County Library in person to have their card issued and activated. This is necessary to:

  • present the verification documents above, and
  • sign the registration form agreeing to borrower policies.

Lost Cards

If you lose your card, we encourage you to contact us for a free replacement to protect your account. We reserve the right to charge for frequent or excessive replacements.

Using Your Card

Please see borrowing policies and other library policies for additional details on the use of library resources and facilities.

Revocation of Access

Your library card may be revoked if you fail to follow library policies.  Reasons for revocation include, but are not limited to, failing to provide proper identification (driver's license or passport), viewing pornography on public computers, failing to pay fines or charges when notified, consistently losing or damaging  items, using false identification, using someone else's unauthorized card, and/or misconduct in the library.