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East Parker County Library

Get a Card


Who can get a card

Residents of Parker County who are fourteen (14) years of age may apply for a library card with driver's license or student ID and proof of current address.  If you are a resident of Parker County and between the ages of six (6) and thirteen (13), your parent or guardian must provide his/her driver's license and proof of current address; both youth and  parent or guardian will be responsible and must sign the card.

There is a $1 charge to replace a lost library card. 

Borrowing Limits

Check-out Periods:   Books - two (2) weeks

                                      DVDs - two (2) week

Check-out Limits:     Books - fifteen (15) items per card;

                                           thirty (30) items per family

                                       DVDs - four (4) items

Placing Holds

You may reserve or hold an item in person, by phone, or online.  When the item is available, you will be contacted to let you know it is available.  The reserved item will be held for three (3) days. 

Renewing Your Borrowed Items

You may renew an item in person, by phone, or online.  Items are renewable twice if another patron has not reserved them.  New books are not renewable.  You may not renew an item twice and then check it in and immediately check it out again.  A period of two (2) weeks must pass between checking in an item that has been renewed twice and checking it out again. 

Library Fines

Fines for Books:   $0.25 per day

Fines for DVDs:    $1.00 per day 

There will be a $10.00 cap per item for fines on books and DVDs.  If the cost of the item is less than $10.00, your fine will be capped at the cost of the item.

There is an after hours book drop in the front parking lot. 

Borrowers must pay for or replace all damaged or lost materials.  Borrowers will be charged the cost of the book and a $5 processing fee to re-catalog the item.  If you choose to replace the lost item, you will still be charged the $5 processing fee.

Anyone owing $5 or more in fines or who has fines over thirty (30) days old may not check out any additional materials until all fines are cleared.


Your library card may be revoked if you fail to follow library policies.  Reasons for revocation include, but are not limited to, failing to provide proper identification (driver's license or passport), viewing pornography on public computers, failing to pay fines or charges when notified, consistently losing or damaging  items, using false identification, using someone else's unauthorized card, and/or misconduct in the library.